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Water Lily - September 2015 by FawnTheWaterMaster
Water Lily - September 2015
This is a redesign of my MLP OC, Water Lily. I redesign her a lot but I'm really happy with this design so I decided to upload it.
~Chapter 1: A New Beginning~

~Day 7, 10:38 PM~

There's not much to say about why I came to Santa Verde... well, actually, there's a lot to say, but I don't like talking about it often, so I just lie about it..... what, I guess you want to know, huh? Well if you promise to be quiet about it....

About three years ago, I found out about my abilities in one of the worst ways possible. You see, I'm a naturally introverted girl, so I don't like social interaction. However, the idiot boys at my school then begged to differ. They always pestered me about going out on dates or stuff like that, and this day was one particular encounter. I was in the lunchroom eating and drawing, when one of these boys comes up to me and starts harrassing me. I gently shove him so I can try and leave the table, and then... well... he punches me in the face.

I got so... angry... so terribly mad.... and then my powers kicked in. I lost control.... I ended up flooding the school, almost killing the boy and I got expelled. Needless to say, my parents were infuriated.... and I started shutting myself out more. I wear long clothes and gloves now so I'm not tempted to use any of my powers in stressful situations....

After this, my parents decided that I needed to come here so I could make new friends and learn how to properly control my abilities. The first week was insane though, we didn't even get a proper chance to meet anyone after orientation. We got thrown into a simulation. Luckily, I managed to survive long enough to be within the top 15 of the class. After that, we had to team up with a person to pass an entrance exam simulation, something I didn't really like doing. Not the exam, the teaming up. I got paired with some girl that didn't really interest me much, but we ended up passing on the first try. Heck, I didn't even have to use my powers all that much, which was a relief. But I will admit, it was funny seeing the Green boy and the Mexican Fire guy fighting each other in the simulation.

After that, not much else happened. I got placed into my classes and found out my dorm is a single dorm room. That's great, I freaking HATE sharing living space. It's also good for me to keep this Diary. Hopefully I'll be consistent and record everything that's happened over the course of a week. I mean, it's the safest thing to do right?

With regards,

Nikki Williams


Nikki closes the book on her desk and climbs into her bed. She heard next week would begin meditation training, something she looks forward too. Maybe she'll find her sanctuary in meditation....

~To Be Continued~
The Diamond Chronicles: The Tale Of Nikki Williams
The first chapter in the story of my TEC Fan character Nikki Williams. This story has a bit of a different point of view from the rest of the story.
The Emerald Chronicles is made by :iconzutzucrobat55: . I only own the character Nikki, and this story does not relate to actual TEC canon.

Chapter 1: Right here
Chapter 2: Coming soon
Nikki Williams (TEC Superhero Persona) by FawnTheWaterMaster
Nikki Williams (TEC Superhero Persona)
This is Nikki Williams, a student at Santa Verde Academy. She entered the school at the same time Andy Green did, and mostly keeps to herself because of her powers not being in control at most times. She has gotten better since her.... "incident" a while ago, but it's still an issue for her. So to help this, she wears gloves and long clothes so she isn't tempted to use her powers willy-nilly. Not many people know of her true potential or even what her powers ARE for the most part because of this.
Yeah so I jumped on the TEC OC bandwagon.... I got really into it okay?!
The Emerald Chronicles belongs to :iconzutzucrobat55:


No journal entries yet.


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